Finding The Gap and Coaching Session

Hi there,

Well done on making it through the first couple of sessions! I am proud of you and would like to take moment or two just to encourage you. It is usually at this time when people start losing their determination to finish. We tend to let up on the reins and laziness tries to set in. I encourage you to stand strong and see this course through to the very end. My team and I are there for you every step of the way and we want to see you succeed!

I normally do an interim follow-up at this stage to see whether everything is still in order. Remember, if anything bothers you regarding the training program, or you if want me to do something extra, please let me know.

My goal is to make the training experience a great success for you. Come and talk to me or feel free to give me some suggestions for enhancing the overall learning experience for you. My style is that of a servant-leader and although I am happy if 99% of my clients are happy, I still want to go after that 1% who is unhappy and needs additional attention.


Why is a personal commitment important?

·        As we all too often know, our plans for personal growth and development often fall by the wayside when we get engrossed in work and our organization’s demands win the competition for our time and attention.

·        By confirming your commitment and leaving a copy with your coach, accountability partner, significant other or Learner management coordinator you are increasingly more accountable to reach your personal goals.

What does a personal commitment look like?

·        I am committed to personal growth and I will dedicate weekly time to complete the course.

·        I have set aside ……….. (pick a day of the week and a minimum amount of time – eg. 1 hour every Thursday) for the purpose of planning, mentoring, development and completing the course.

·        I agree to meet the above commitment so that I can complete this course. I further agree inform my coach as I complete my assignments to review my progress towards the achievement of this goal.

I will honor my agreement.

If you enjoyed the training so far, please tell at least ten other people. If I missed something, let me know as soon as possible.

I am keen to have a look at your written goals on the things that you have to start, stop and maintain.

Enjoy the rest of the program.

Kind regards

Where do you stand with your vision statements? 

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